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Penobscot River Class V Rafting and Camping Trip

Posted on April 24, 2013 at 7:57 PM
Date: 6/29 Saturday to 6/30 Sunday
Location: Penobscot River, Maine

这次漂流的地方是美国东北部难度最大(五级白水)但也是全程最有意思的Penobscot River。6月29号(周六)下午出发,晚上在附近扎营,第二天白水漂流,下午回boston。

CYPN去年和Northern Outdoors合办过类似活动,今年我们再次合作,CYPN的会员有特殊折扣价。
日程计划:6/29 下午/傍晚在 Penobscot Outdoor Center: []集合,从Boston单程车程5-6小时。晚上camping,自己准备所有camping东西。晚餐自己负责。6/30 早上6点半集合分组,rock the river! 中午漂流途中休息,公司准备BBQ以及饮料,下午2-3点上岸。然后就开车回家。

本次活动的Facebook 链接,有问题可以在那里发问:

CYPN能提供特殊折扣价给20位会员:$85/ppl 截至日期:5月12日或者报名满
我们只收paypal:[email protected]

或者直接点击左侧Paypal 付款

在paypal note里注明你的名字,电子邮件,电话。

我们的价格包括(比市场价低$40以上):camping, rafting, BBQ lunch, wetsuit, river access fee, tax

如果你不会游泳,同时没有参加过任何白水漂流活动,我们不推荐参加本次Class V活动。

Rafting this summer at Penobscot River! If you rafted in the past you'll know whitewater rafting is as awesome as it gets. This June 29 a group of us will head to Maine for camping and then the big rafting day is June 30. We'll arrange for carpool so you don't have to worry about transportation.
Sunday meet up location: 

Penobscot Outdoor Center: 45°47.806”N 68°52.903”W

Exit 244 off I-95. Take Route 11/157 west, through Millinocket, then follow the signs to Baxter State Park. Northern Outdoors' base at The Penobscot Outdoor Center is 16 miles out of town and just two miles before Baxter State Park. The road entrance is on the right 8 miles past The North Woods Trading Post.

Our facebook event link, post your questions on event wall:

Must read! 

Be aware of the risks for this trip, it you are not a good swimmer, and you have not done rafting before, this event might not suit you. We do not recommend this river to beginners.

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