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Windsurfing-Wakeboarding and Beach Weekend

Posted on July 14, 2013 at 5:14 PM
Date: August 3 to August 4
Event: Windsurfing, Wakeboarding, Beach Day
Location: Cape Cod, MA

8月3日 CYPN准备在Cape Cod组织一年一度的帆板 Windsurfing 团体课程. 这是我们第三年组织团体帆板课程。今年除了Windsurfing以外,我们还第一次组织Wakeboarding课程,两个小时的快艇以及全部装备提供,专门教练的指导。欢迎大家一起和我们去camping以及篝火Party活动。

除了Windsurfing课程以外我们的vendor还提供Jet Ski 水上摩托,Kayak 海上划船, Sail boat 小型帆船 以及 Stand Up Paddle 划桨式冲浪等众多活动。一起来体验CYPN投票里人气最高的极限运动吧!

不愿意尝试Windsurfing的童鞋们也可以一起来享受 Cape Cod的海滩。可以去体验Kayak, Jet Ski, sailboat 甚至是 Electric boat 四人电动船. 当然也可以什么都不做在海滩上晒太阳,也可以带上你的飞碟或沙滩排球。 带上你的防晒霜和沙滩椅,一起来开始夏日的篇章!

Windsurfing 和 Wakeboarding 都要求会游泳,我们另外会要求每个下水的童鞋活动前签Waiver. 参加露营的朋友要求有自己的帐篷以及睡袋/睡垫等。我们还建议大家带上头灯,手电筒以及杀虫/防晒用品.

活動時間錶 - Event summary:
8/3 Morning: Boat rental with Wakeborading lesson (still open, contact [email protected])
8/3 Noon: Windsurfing (Reservation required)
8/3 Noon: Other beach activity (Walk in)
8/3 Night: Camping (Reservation required)
8/4 Morning: Boat rental with Wakeboarding lesson (Full)
8/4 Morning: Stand Up Paddling (Walk in)
8/4 Noon: Sea Kayaking/Jet ski (Reservation required for Jet ski, walk in for sea kayak)

    SOLD OUT    August 3 Saturday Windsurfing Class $75

    SOLD OUT    August 3 Saturday Night Campground $6 each person

    SOLD OUT    August 4 Sunday Wakeboarding Class $85

我们已经联系两年组织了Windsurfing 和 海上 Jet Ski/Kayak 以及冲浪等活动,非常成功。感谢童鞋们的支持,我们今后每年都会组织类似的夏日极限运动,让波士顿的宅男宅女也体验一下最酷的水上运动!

Cape Cod 在夏日停车会比较吃紧,希望大家能够一起carpool过去,我们会在活动之前安排好Carpool.

On August 3 and 4th CYPN will organize a group windsurfing trip to Cape Cod, similar to what we did last year. Come experience the coolest water sports with the rest of us! There will also be jet ski, stand up paddle board, electric boat, sail boat and sea kayak for those who would like to try something else. Even if you don't want to try any of the activities above, you are more than welcome to join us for a simple fun day on the beach. Bring along your beach volleyball, frisbee, beach chair and sun screen and you are all set for a fun Saturday with CYPN! 

We also offer a group lesson on Wakeboarding the next day (2 hours on the boat but limit to five people each boat). The space is very limited so sign up ASAP. We will camp in Cape Cod on Saturday night. Free free to join us for camping even if you don't plan on pushing your limit or just simply want to relax on the beach :-) 

Swimming skill is required for Windsurfing and Wakeboarding. We will also require everyone to sign a waiver form before the event. For camping please also bring your own sleeping bag and pad, as well as tent if you have one. It's also advised that you bring a head lamp, flash light, as well as bug spray and sun screen.

Saturday group wakeboarding class cost: $85 (SOLD OUT)
Saturday group windsurfing class cost: $75 (SOLD OUT)
Saturday night camping at State Forest: $6 (SOLD OUT)
Sunday group wakeboarding class cost: $85 (SOLD OUT)

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